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  1. PunchTab joins @WalmartLabs

    Posted on by Jeremy King

    By Jeremy King, head of WalmartLabs, and Jamie Iannone, President and CEO,

    @WalmartLabs is the technology power behind Walmart Global eCommerce. This means we get to build and test new ways for customers to shop online and on mobile for Walmart’s brands around the world. One focus is on Sam’s Club: How can we better tailor offers like savings, merchandise and services to a member, whether they’re in our club or shopping on Today, we’re excited to announce an addition to the @WalmartLabs family that helps us do that.

    @WalmartLabs is acquiring PunchTab, a Silicon Valley company known for building a software platform that empowers brands like Walmart and Sam’s Club to better understand and engage with customers in a unified way online, on mobile and in physical stores.

    As part of the acquisition, six PunchTab technologists will join @WalmartLabs and we’ll also be acquiring PunchTab’s technology. We’ll use the technology to enhance our existing “customer relationship management” tools, or the technology behind how we reach customers across e-mail, on our websites, on mobile phones and in our physical stores. This marks @WalmartLabs’ 15th acquisition in the last four years, as we continue to add some of the best talent in the Valley and around the world.

    PunchTab’s first task is to leverage its software platform to enhance the ways we tailor offers to Sam’s Club members across our clubs, our mobile app and on Like most of the technology we build at @WalmartLabs, we plan to apply what we build for Sam’s Club to Walmart’s other businesses, including

    PunchTab was founded in 2011 by Mehdi Ait Oufkir, who will be joining the @WalmartLabs team. Before founding PunchTab, Mehdi was an early member of, helping to scale the company to 18 million registered users. Mehdi and five talented software engineers from PunchTab will join the customer acquisition and retention team at @WalmartLabs.

    With PunchTab joining the @WalmartLabs family, we continue our streak in adding some of the best talent in the Valley. We’re more equipped than ever to build deeper, richer relationships with our customers.

  2. Walmart Simple Text takes first place in #WMTCode hack at #HackDisrupt

    Posted on by Bao Nguyen

    This past weekend, WalmartLabs sponsored our first ever #WMTCode hack at TechCrunch’s #HackDisrupt. We opened up our APIs to more than 600 hackers so they could take shopping at Walmart to the next level online, on mobile and in our 5,000+ stores across the U.S.

    wmtcode 1

    With over a dozen submissions to our hack, it was difficult to pick just one winner. The winning hack stood out to us because it simplified and elevated the customer experience with an easy to use solution. Congratulations to the Walmart Simple Text team for their winning project! Clara, Devin, and Rachel won $5,000 dollars and will get the chance to test Walmart Simple Text in one Walmart store. We’re very excited to see this hack in action!

    Winning Team: Walmart Simple Text

    Rachel Tsao, Devin Finzer, and Clara Tsao of Walmart Simple Text

    Rachel Tsao, Devin Finzer, and Clara Tsao of Walmart Simple Text

    Walmart Simple Text helps users easily navigate through and find items at their local Walmart store. By texting a simple “Hi” along with a keyword search term to a specified phone number, users can receive the exact location of the product they are looking for and information on whether it’s in stock. If the user needs any additional help, Walmart Simple Text can connect you with a store representative—all through SMS.

    Walmart Simple Text could potentially transform the way our customers shop by providing them a convenient, faster service that not only saves them time, but also makes their shopping experience more enjoyable. Congrats Clara, Devin, and Rachel!

    Honorable Mention: Quarry

    Stephen Ball, Holman Gao, and Roger Wong of Quarry

    Stephen Ball, Holman Gao, and Roger Wong of Quarry

    We also want to give a huge shout out to Stephen, Holman, and Roger from Quarry who built the autocomplete brain plug-in that took all of the metadata and filters available from to bring visual, intelligent and relevant search results to our users. Awesome work, guys!

    Honorable Mention: Easy Shop Club

    Jerry Tung, Alex Meliones, and Nic Meliones of Easy Shop Club

    Jerry Tung, Alex Meliones, and Nic Meliones of Easy Shop Club

    Last, but certainly not least, we want to thank the Easy Shop Club team whose project provided a 360-degree view of our Walmart stores. Nic, Jerry, Alexandra, and Kwaku built an immersive product experience that could change the future of shopping. Great job!

    Thanks again to everyone that participated in our #WMTCode hack over the course of the weekend. It was inspiring to see all your creative ideas on how together we can transform the future of shopping. You all truly made our first TechCrunch #HackDisrupt unforgettable!

  3. Help WalmartLabs transform shopping at TechCrunch Disrupt’s Hackathon next weekend!

    Posted on by Bao Nguyen

    Are you taking your dev and coding skills to TechCrunch Disrupt’s Hackathon next weekend (Sept. 19-20)? Then we’ve got good news for you: we’re going to be there, and we want your ideas on how we can take shopping to the next level online, on mobile and in our 5,000+ stores across the U.S.

    We’ll be at Pier 70 looking for the best hackers to participate in our custom hack. We’re giving the winning team $5,000 and the opportunity to test the hack in at least one Walmart store.

    Come join us in a 24-hour hacking mission to transform the future of shopping. Shoppers everywhere are depending on you.

    Head over to DevPost for more info and watch the hackathon madness unfold on our Twitter: @WalmartLabs.