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Faster is Better: How We're Optimizing

By jking on Jul 24, 2013

The @WalmartLabs team has been busy delivering the next generation of commerce combining online, mobile and stores to let customers shop when, where and how they want. To do this, we are focused on being one of the top technology companies in the Silicon Valley and the world, and we are expanding our very gifted team to continue creating best-in-class e-commerce technologies.

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Open Source

We’ve been keeping ourselves pretty busy around here.


Lout is a documentation generator plugin for Hapi that provides a human-readable guide for every endpoint using the route configuration. The module allows full customization of the output.

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The Joi validation system is used to validate JavaScript objects based on a rich descriptive schema. Schema validation is the process of ensuring that objects match pre-defined expectations.

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Flod is a systematic tool chain for benchmarking and comparing Node.js web server frameworks. Flod enables developers to compare the performance of different versions of their frameworks to other frameworks.

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Mupd8 lets coders easily write a live (continuously up-to-the-moment) data-stream-processing application. Mupd8 runs the application over multiple machines so that you can handle large input streams and computations.

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Lumbar is a js-build tool that takes a general codebase and list of platforms to generate modular platform specific applications.

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An opinionated, battle tested Backbone + Handlebars framework to build large scale web applications.

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