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Open Source

We’ve been keeping ourselves pretty busy around here.


A client-server web framework built on Node.js that allows front-end developers to easily create a 100% SEO compliant, component MVC structured web application with an optimized first page load.

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The Joi validation system is used to validate JavaScript objects based on a rich descriptive schema. Schema validation is the process of ensuring that objects match pre-defined expectations.

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Hapi is a rich framework for building restful API services that lets developers focus on writing reusable business logic.

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Mupd8 lets coders easily write a live (continuously up-to-the-moment) data-stream-processing application. Mupd8 runs the application over multiple machines so that you can handle large input streams and computations.

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Lumbar is a js-build tool that takes a general codebase and list of platforms to generate modular platform specific applications.

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An opinionated, battle tested Backbone + Handlebars framework to build large scale web applications.

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