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  1. WalmartLabs is releasing OneOps cloud technology to the world as open source

    Posted on by Jeremy King

    By Jeremy King, CTO of Walmart Global eCommerce, Head of @WalmartLabs, and Tim Kimmet, VP of Platform and Systems, @WalmartLabs

    Developers and cloud users know the upside of operating in the cloud – flexibility, scalability, speed, etc.  Unfortunately, too many have discovered the biggest downside…being locked in to the cloud provider you start with.  At WalmartLabs, we built Walmart’s e-commerce operations on the cloud and decided to build technology that gave us all of the cloud’s upside without the downside. It’s called OneOps.

    OneOps is powerful cloud technology we built ourselves that has transformed the way our engineers develop and launch new products to our customers. They deliver this with more speed and at a lower cost because OneOps helps them (1) avoid the pitfalls of being “locked-in” to a cloud provider, and (2) thrive in WalmartLabs’ “DevOps” culture – whatever code developers write, they own, from its development to its launch to customers.

    And we know they love it – nearly 3,000 of our engineers are unique users of OneOps and, on average, our engineers commit over 30,000 changes per month to deliver new or improved features to our customers. Now, that’s agility!

    Today, WalmartLabs is announcing OneOps will be released to the world as open source. We will have the source code uploaded to GitHub by the end of the year.

    This is good news for developers who need technology that can continuously manage and monitor the applications they develop when it’s deployed in the cloud. It’s great news for companies who have considered switching cloud providers but experience the “Hotel California Effect,” where they can “check out but never leave” their cloud provider because they’re locked into the provider’s proprietary APIs, architecture and tools.


    OneOps has four main benefits:

    1) Cloud portability enables developers to seamlessly move applications, databases or entire cloud environments from one cloud provider to another. They’re able to “cloud shop” and take advantage of better technology or lower costs;

    2) Continuous lifecycle management of the application means once a developer launches an application, OneOps continuously “auto-pilots” the app, scaling and repairing the app when unforeseen changes occur;

    3) Faster innovation empowers engineers to spin up a new environment to host their app in a matter of minutes, without having to spend hours specifying the intricacies of a specific cloud environment. OneOps models all of that for them; and

    4) Greater abstraction of cloud environments puts the control back into the hands of developers, instead of cloud providers, who often dictate the proprietary APIs, architecture, tools and technologies developers have to use.

    We’re enabling any organization to achieve the same cloud portability and developer benefits that Walmart has enjoyed. And by eliminating the barriers that cloud hosting providers have erected, OneOps will drive them to compete based on price, customer service and innovation. It’s a winning scenario for all dev-centric organizations.

    We wanted to take advantage of the cloud’s benefits as users, but we didn’t want to be locked-in legacy users. Open sourcing OneOps to the community will only make this technology better. OneOps negated the “Hotel California Effect” for WalmartLabs – we’re no longer a “prisoner of our own device.” And soon, neither will other denizens of the cloud.

  2. Watch what went down at WalmartLabs’ first TechCrunch #HackDisrupt

    Posted on by Bao Nguyen

    One of our obsessions at @WalmartLabs is to find new ways to improve shopping for customers. At this year’s TechCrunch #HackDisrupt, we got the opportunity to see some brilliant minds come up with new ways to revolutionize the way we shop.

    Our team had the opportunity to work with people outside of @WalmartLabs to think about problems differently, and more importantly, to solve problems differently. By bringing these brilliant ideas to life, together we will lead the way in discovering the next generation of shopping applications.

    Get a glimpse into the 2015 #HackDisrupt weekend and learn more about our commitment to innovation:

  3. PunchTab joins @WalmartLabs

    Posted on by Jeremy King

    By Jeremy King, head of WalmartLabs, and Jamie Iannone, President and CEO,

    @WalmartLabs is the technology power behind Walmart Global eCommerce. This means we get to build and test new ways for customers to shop online and on mobile for Walmart’s brands around the world. One focus is on Sam’s Club: How can we better tailor offers like savings, merchandise and services to a member, whether they’re in our club or shopping on Today, we’re excited to announce an addition to the @WalmartLabs family that helps us do that.

    @WalmartLabs is acquiring PunchTab, a Silicon Valley company known for building a software platform that empowers brands like Walmart and Sam’s Club to better understand and engage with customers in a unified way online, on mobile and in physical stores.

    As part of the acquisition, six PunchTab technologists will join @WalmartLabs and we’ll also be acquiring PunchTab’s technology. We’ll use the technology to enhance our existing “customer relationship management” tools, or the technology behind how we reach customers across e-mail, on our websites, on mobile phones and in our physical stores. This marks @WalmartLabs’ 15th acquisition in the last four years, as we continue to add some of the best talent in the Valley and around the world.

    PunchTab’s first task is to leverage its software platform to enhance the ways we tailor offers to Sam’s Club members across our clubs, our mobile app and on Like most of the technology we build at @WalmartLabs, we plan to apply what we build for Sam’s Club to Walmart’s other businesses, including

    PunchTab was founded in 2011 by Mehdi Ait Oufkir, who will be joining the @WalmartLabs team. Before founding PunchTab, Mehdi was an early member of, helping to scale the company to 18 million registered users. Mehdi and five talented software engineers from PunchTab will join the customer acquisition and retention team at @WalmartLabs.

    With PunchTab joining the @WalmartLabs family, we continue our streak in adding some of the best talent in the Valley. We’re more equipped than ever to build deeper, richer relationships with our customers.