Walmart Acquires Stylr to Enhance the In-Store Mobile Experience

We are excited to announce @WalmartLabs has acquired Stylr, our first acquisition of a Silicon Alley-based company in New York and our 13th acquisition in the past three years.  As we continue to integrate digital and physical retail to create new and unique experiences for customers, we’re thrilled to add Stylr to our mobile team.  Over half of Walmart smartphone users have used their device in-store to assist with their shopping, and with 80% of our customers under the age of 35 owning a smartphone, we expect this to grow dramatically.  We are excited about the opportunity to serve these customers with indispensable digital tools that bring the convenience of online shopping into our physical stores and integrate our online and offline experiences to enable our customers to shop anytime, anywhere.

As part of this journey to offer the best tools to help customers save money and time so they can live better, we talk to many companies to discover new innovations, learn best practices, and much more. One of the companies we recently connected with was Stylr, founded by Stanford alumni, Eytan Daniyalzade and Berk Atikoglu (Go Cardinal!), and funded by Dreamit Ventures, a New York-based incubator.

We were really impressed with Eytan and Berk’s ability to quickly develop and grow Stylr, a mobile app that allows shoppers to find the clothes that they love in nearby stores. Eytan and Berk built a great experience for their users and we loved their passion for bridging digital and physical shopping experiences – and together we realized the opportunity to create a greater impact on more consumers, brands and the overall ecommerce industry with Stylr as part of the Walmart family.

It has been an exciting year at @Walmart Labs, but we’ve only scratched the surface with what mobile technology can enable for retail. Take our newest offerings for example, eReceipts and Savings Catcher. With Savings Catcher, our technology does all the work for customers by looking for and matching local competitors’ ads and providing any difference on an eGift card. And with eReceipts, we’ve built a platform that not only helps with things like store returns today, but also paves the way for future innovations such as eCoupons and automated shopping lists. An interesting side note is that our e-receipts platform was built by a talented two-person team from Australia, who Eytan and Berk remind us a lot of.

Needless to say, we are excited to welcome these incredibly talented guys to join the @WalmartLabs team and help us accelerate our digital transformation of the in-store experience. We can’t wait to see what they come up with!